Things to remember while doing business chat using messenger tools

In a business environment you will get many occasions where you will have to chat with your clients, managers and colleagues. While doing such business chats using messenger tools there are many things that are to be kept in mind.

  • Create an identity – You need to create an identity in the chat tool with your name and an image. Creating a genuine identity is important to generate trust in those with whom you will have to chat
  • Add a photo – The best practice to follow is to add your own photo instead of any other representative image
  • Introduce yourself – When you are chatting with someone for the first time, you need to introduce yourself
  • Messages to the point – Business chats are generally very serious affairs and hence messages must be to the point
  • Availability status feature – Most chat tools will have the feature to set your availability statius. So while you are away from your seat you need to put the status as ‘away’
  • Think before you hit enter – Before you hit the enter button and thereby sending the message, think. Read again, make sure that what you have typed is logically and grammatically correct
  • Listen and pay attention – Give complete attention to what you say and what you hear while in a business chat
  • Be polite – As always in your social life, you need to be polite during your business chats as well
  • Font, text and colour – The messages that you send should be professional in its appearance as well. You need to use professional font, text and colours. Never use flambouyant fonts and styles for your business chats
  • Language and tone – Language and tone of your chat should be professional. You are chatting in a business environment, not to your friends or relatives
  • Jargon, slang, abbreviations – You have to be careful about the jargons, slangs and abbreviations that you use while chatting. May be the person at the other end is unaware of the slangs and abbreviations that you use
  • Give enough time to respond – You should always give the other person enough time to respond to your messages
  • Humour with caution – Humour is a double edged sword and you need to be extremely careful while you use humour in a business chat. We will speak about it in detail in other post

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