How to handle a tough boss

At some point of time in our corporate lives we will have an occasion to handle a tough boss. Bosses who are short tempered or inefficient or are prone to bragging are all tough bosses to handle. Handling such tough bosses could be tricky. Following ideas could help you in handling a tough boss.

  • Understand them – The first step in handling a tough boss is understanding him/her. Some people would be difficult to handle but they would be good at heart. So taking an adversary style position against a tough boss could be counterproductive. Therefore understanding the boss is the most important step in handling him/her
  • Accept them – Accept the boss as it is. There is no point in feeling frustrated about a tough boss, as it will only hurt you and your prospects in a company. Concentrate in your work and give less importance to your frustration on working with a tough boss
  • Show enthusiasm – When you are to handle a tough boss, show more enthusiasm in your work, which could help you in riding over the tough situation at hand, Your boss might change his/her attitude towards you if he/she finds you to be an enthusiastic worker
  • Be punctual to a workaholic boss – A workaholic is tough to handle as well. While you are working with a workaholic boss try to be punctual always
  • Once in a while stay back – Staying back once in a while is a good tactic to handle a tough boss
  • Ignore taunts of bully bosses, if unbearable complain to HR
  • Bragging boss – laugh it off when you are alone

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