How to deal with your teammates when you are the manager

When you are the manager or the boss you need to assume greater responsibility of making sure that your team enjoys a great working environment that improves their productivity. You need to behave in a friendly way towards your team. Your main aim should be to get maximum results out from your team. The following points will help you in getting the desired result from your team.

  • Gauge body language signals – As a manager it is quite impiortant to guage the body language signal of your teammates and act accordingly. Not everyone will be btrave enough to present their opinions to their managers. It is your responsibility as a manager to understand their grievances and act to find solutions
  • Give people a chance to speak – As a manager you need to give everyone a chance to speak and to give their opinions and sugggestions. You should encourage your teammates to speak out; you never know from whom an inspirational idea might come up
  • Use simple language – Gain confidence of your teammates by speaking their language, a language not filled with complex jargon, but rather a simple one
  • It is called a ‘dialogue’ – Your conversation with your team is called dialogue, ie., it should not be a one man affair, where you are always speaking and others are listening. A dialogue, where ideas and suggestions are exchanged between the manager and the teammates is what enhances the productivity of the team
  • Focus on ‘you’ and not ‘I’ – The focus of a manager dialogue with his team should not be on you the manager, but it should be about the team and its members
  • A smile helps – When you are the manager, a smile always helps to put the team at ease with you.

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