Gender in business world – things to understand

Equality woman man concept

Gender is an important factor in corporate world. We can take a look at some of the things that are to be taken care of while we consider gender in business world.

  • Use Ms. in spoken and written business communication
  • If a lady wants to be addressed Mrs. she is expected to inform others
  • Introductions not based on gender but on hierarchy
  • Expected to shake hands with all
  • No gender based handshakes – offer a firm handshake
  • No gender based protocol on who initiates a handshake
  • Use gender neutral nouns – chairperson, businessperson
  • Handshakes universally accepted; pat on the back may be acceptable
  • No showering off excessive compliments
  • No cracking off-colour jokes
  • Liberated women don’t expect men to hold open doors for them

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