Etiquette tips for college grads entering the corporate world

After completing successful years in the college, gaining a graduate degree, you would be all set to enter the corporate world. The set of rules of socially acceptable behaviour in the corporate world would possibly be quite different from what you have gained from your college.

Here are some etiquette tips that would help you to stand in good stead in the corporate world.

  • Learn the proper protocol of making introduction. In the corporate world there is no gender based introduction protocols.
  • Learn the art of good, firm handshakes. As in the previous case there is no gender based protocols about who initiates a handshake.
  • Dress up properly and professionally. Most of the time the first impression is made based on your appearance. Always make sure that you are well-groomed whenever you are going for an interview or for a business meeting.
  • Learn the most appropriate protocols and etiquettes on using telephones or making business calls using different calling tools.
  • Brush up your written and spoken language skills. Anyone who writes error-free, grammatically correct language will gain tremendous respect from your colleagues and business clients. Whenever you are speaking to anyone in the corporate world, speak in business-like manner.
  • Try to cultivate a strong and clear speaking voice. Never use foul language or off-colour jokes in the corporate world.
  • While using social networking tools in the corporate world, always use professional tone in your conversations and posts.
  • Learn the art of networking. It will not only help you grab a good job, but will also help you too prosper in your profession. Always try and learn names quickly. Nothing more terrible than calling someone a wrong name.
  • Learn table manners. Sometimes an interview will be scheduled as a lunch or as a dinner, so that the employers can watch your table manners. It is a regular practice in the corporate world to have business meetings on a dinner table. So learning dining etiquette will help you in attaining a lot more in the corporate world.
  • Practice good manners. As in the social life, good manners and civility are considered most important in the corporate world as well. Be good to everyone. Giving respect is the best way to earn respect.

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