Essentials of effective business communication

One of the most important factors for the success of a business is how effective the communication is in that business organisation. No business has ever succeeded without the existence of a robust communication system. An effective business communication will have the following elements.

  • Clarity – The most important element of a good communication system is clarity. All communication going out from your business must be clear. May it be a voice call from your sales team or an email going out from your management team, every communication must be clear. A message that is not clear will have the danger of getting ignored.
  • Structure – The structure of communication is important as it determines how it is absorbed and understood by the receivers of the communication. The structure of communication consists of the opening, the body and the close. Whatever be the type of communication – email, voice call, chat, presentation – every communication measure should have these three elements present in that particular order.
  • Consistency – Your business communication should be consistent and the receivers of your communication should always feel that the position you have taken on any specific subject is consistent all through the life of the message. Consistency must also be there in the language that you use. The tenses that you use in your email or in your business call must be consistent. The consistency in your messages will surely increase your trustworthiness in the eyes of the receivers of your communication.
  • Medium – The medium that you use for communication is a very important factor in deciding the effectiveness of your communication. Based on the particular message you want to deliver you have to choose the medium of communication. If the medium you choose is inefficient then communication gap is bound to happen. Delays in delivering the message will also be fatal to the business. While choosing the medium of message, a business must also consider the cost of the using the medium as well.
  • Relevancy – Perhaps the most important factor in business communication is relevancy. All messages are not meant to be received by all. A business must be very clear about who are the receivers of a particular message before delivering it. Each message must be communicated to only those who want to receive the message or those who will gain on receiving the message. Whether your message is going to enhance the prospects of your business or is going to pull it down will depend on the relevancy of the message.

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